The delivery of the two halves of our container home to their final spot in Baardskeerdersbos was the culmination of a long process.  It was, without a shadow of doubt, utterly exciting to watch the unfaltering precision of the delivery process.

Day 1

At about 12:00 the two trucks carrying the containers and the crane truck arrived at the rendezvous point after leaving Cape Town just after 08:00.  Everybody was tense about the weather since the wind was already quite strong and rain was imminent.  A final check of the gravel road and the approach angles to the entrance to the plot, determined the order in which the trucks had to be unloaded.  The precision with which the drivers negotiated the trucks around the fence posts and pylons (on which the containers had to to be positioned) was an early indication of just how skillful the team was.  It took about an hour to get the first container (the front half of the house) in place, despite wind and rain, and another hour to position the back half.  As a result of intermittent rain the team could not complete the outside work, so they focused on some of the remaining inside work.

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Day 2

Most of the work on the outside of the container house could be completed (i.e. joining the two halves all along the seams), as well as the remainder of the inside work – hanging two doors, installing the shower door etc.).

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Day 3

The roofing team arrived early to start with assembling the light steel trusses and purlins.  By the end of the day it was ready to be erected.

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Day 4

The trusses, purlins and roof sheeting were fitted on top of the containers.

And voila!  A mere four days ago there was just an empty plot, now there is a beautiful shipping container house.

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