Where are we at with our shipping container home: 18 May 2017?

So where are we in the process of building our shipping container home?  How long before touchdown?

On the plot:

  •  Official municipal building plans approved – done.
  •  Plot accessible for crane and trucks to deliver the containers – done.
  •  Reinforced pylons on which the two 12m containers will be placed – done.
  •  Conservancy tank (required by the municipality) in place – done.
  •  Eager builder to complete the build – ready for action!

On-site in Maitland where the conversion of the shipping containers is taking place:

  •  Shipping containers cleaned and treated for rust – done.
  •  One 12m side of each of the two containers cut out – done.
  •  Windows and doors cut out – done.
  •  Two internal walls (made from the above cut-outs) in place – done.
  •  Outside shutters (made from the above cut-outs) on tracks and in position – done.
  •  New roof made of light steel to cover the whole house (for rainwater harvesting, shade and insulation) – ready.

In the wings:

  • Furniture for the shipping container house custom-made by the owners from reclaimed wood from an outside staircase, fascia boards and wooden pallets – ready.
  • Donkey boiler to supply hot water custom-made from recycled steel – ready.
  • Very eager owners – ready!

Aspects of the conversion still to be finished:

  • Insulation (walls and ceiling).
  • Fitting of double-glazed doors and windows.
  • Hanging of three internal doors (re-used old Oregon pine doors).
  • Installation of shower.
  • Final spray painting (inside and outside).
  • Electrical wiring (to be used with solar power).
  • Plumbing (to be used in tandem with rainwater harvesting).

Planned touchdown date on site in Baardskeerdersbos: end May/beginning June 2017.

For more information e-mail info@findmegreen.co.za.








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