Meet Cool Boxes!

Seeing the containers for the first time

Seeing the containers for the first time

Cool Boxes! is about creating alternative living spaces using recycled shipping containers.  Cool Boxes! is not a hypothetical argument or an airy-fairy, untested idea.  It is based on our lived experiences of crossing the line between conventional building and a building process steeped in alternative options, while all the time making the linkages with more sustainable, eco-friendly choices.

Cool Boxes! will outline our philosophy going into the project.  Why build with decommissioned shipping containers?  Is it a valid green building alternative?  Can an ugly metal box become an aesthetically appealing home?

The blog will outline specific design aspects of building with shipping containers.  Building with shipping containers does not necessarily imply restrictive design options.  Can the principles of reuse, recycle and repurpose be married with new design ideas?

Cool Boxes! will take you into the multi-layered processes of thinking, planning and researching, combined with specific information about materials and products.

You will be able to follow the step-by-step practical phases of the build: finding the right boxes, the conversion process, prepping the building site, installing the boxes and, finally, what it means to live in them.

But Cool Boxes! will do more than that.  It will also talk about aspects such as building our own furniture, and our alternative approach to energy and water.

Finally, I hope to provide an avenue for making alternative building options available.  Shipping containers are not the only alternative building option to bricks and mortar, not by a long shot, but it’s the one that I have first-hand experience with, and the one that FindMeGreen will be happy to assist you with.

For more information e-mail or phone 072 382 6712.





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